Revealing the Laundry Revolution: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Detergent Powder!

Greetings, laundry aficionados! Today, we embark on a sudsy journey to discover the 

detergent powder that will transform your laundry routine into a symphony of cleanliness and freshness. 

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Clothes Washing with Fabric-Friendly Detergent

Why you need fabric-friendly detergent.

When you are doing your laundry, you may be tempted to use the same detergents for all of your clothes. However, this is not recommended. You should use fabric-friendly detergent instead. Fabric-friendly detergent is designed to remove dirt and stains from clothing while being gentle on delicate fabrics.

Fabric-friendly detergents are also better for sensitive skin because they contain fewer harsh chemicals than traditional detergents. In addition, they are better for the environment because they require less water to produce than regular detergents and do not release as many harmful chemicals into our waterways when washed down drains.

Plus, fabric-friendly detergent removes odours better than regular laundry soap does!

The pH factor

The pH factor is the acidity or alkalinity of a detergent that can cause damage to your clothes. A pH level of 7 is considered neutral and most synthetic fibres are slightly acidic, so you should look for a fabric softener with a pH level lower than 7 to protect your clothes.

If you’ve ever washed an item in a detergent with the wrong pH value, you’ll know that it leads to colour loss and fading. If you use too much of these improper detergents, they can also cause permanent damage to the fibres in your clothing. That’s why it’s important to choose wisely when picking out laundry products—you never want to do something that will shorten the lifespan of your clothes!

So how do you find out if a detergent has the right pH factor? It’s easy: All brands specify this information on their packaging (which is why it’s important to always read labels).

Recommendations on fabric-friendly detergents

Of course, while they’re labelled fabric-friendly, a few things may not be fully non-toxic. The first thing to check is the care label. This should indicate whether or not it’s suitable for your clothes. Look for phrases like “susceptible to colour loss”, “spot treat stains” or “hand wash only”.

The second thing to look out for is the packaging of the detergent, especially if you’re just washing something that you want to keep its vibrant colour. Some detergents have special instructions in the form of a safety warning on their packaging and some don’t at all. If there’s nothing on the packaging itself, look at other care labels and see if there’s something about it being bad for certain fabrics.

Best types of fabric-friendly detergents.

When it comes to choosing a detergent, the best one is the one that suits your needs. If you have sensitive skin, use a mild detergent like liquid laundry detergent. It’s made from natural ingredients and won’t irritate your skin. If you have allergies, then hypoallergenic detergent might be the way to go. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that can aggravate your allergies. For those who have kids (or are expecting), baby-friendly detergent is an excellent choice as it doesn’t contain any perfumes or dyes which might irritate their delicate skin.

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Gender Equality Begins at Home

Gender equality begins at home. Household chores which are the main aspect of any family should be shared. Similarly, in child care, the basis of family growth should be equal for both parents. When it begins at home it spreads to societies then communities and finally to the global level. Lots of activities are taking place all over the world but there is a lot of scope to do much in this area. It’s rightly said “Family is the cornerstone of the society”, an institution which is the first school of the child – he learns his culture, mother tongue and imbibes all the values in his character. Therefore, the sense of Gender equality should rather begin from home and percolate upwards in the society rather than from Up to Down!

Washing clothes and keeping the house clean are important household chores. #Woosh with its entire range of washing liquids, detergents, dish cleaners, glass cleaners, kitchen top cleaners and many more have given the concept of Barabari Ghar Sey Shuru which revolves around Gender Equality.

Barabari Ghar se Shuru  is achieved when women, men, girls and boys have equal rights, conditions and opportunities, and the power to shape their own lives and contribute to the development of the society. It is a matter of equitable distribution of power, influence and resources in the society.

Gender equality makes our communities safer, healthier and happier.

Unequal societies are less cohesive. They have higher rates of anti-social behaviour and violence. Countries with greater gender equality are more connected. Their people are healthier and have better well-being.


Benefits of a Clean Home

The most important benefits of a clean home are a healthy lifestyle.  This directly relates to lowering stress and rejuvenating the mood. A happy mind is the best medicine to treat stress. As it has been commonly said that all the good or bad things start from home so keeping a clean home makes you habitual for a tidy and hygienic lifestyle hence a healthy and safe lifestyle

Indoor Cleaning helps in eliminating germs and dirt making an improvement in indoor air quality.  As we all are aware of pollution making us sick and weak so it is imperative to keep the home clean and dirt free. Though priority to be given to clean the home on the whole special mention is to be given to the kitchen and toilets as they as the most sensitive and prone when it comes to germs and infection. Special attention and care are to be given while cleaning kitchens and toilets. Generally, people tend to overlook the cleaning of these two very critical places of your home.

Stress is a very common and notorious disease in the current scenario irrespective of age and gender.  We need to be attentive and alert to control it as much as possible and the best way to do so is to take care of little things like cleaning, being hygienic, and being happy though they look simple actually we have made them like a task. To some extent, we are ourselves to be blamed for it. Just like eating, sleeping, and working is essential parts of your daily life why can’t we make a home or indoor cleaning essential. In this way, we can reduce the stress if not eliminate it.

Not only stress cleaning also largely enhances your mood. For example, when you visit a five-star hotel you suddenly get relaxed just because the hotel is well maintained and cleaned. The same is the case with a well-maintained and cleaned home. Even if you are in bad mood or you are pissed off you instantly get relaxed and your mood becomes light and joyful.  A popular belief is HEALTHY MIND MEANS HEALTHY BODY.

WOOSH is taking care of your all home cleaning needs as it truly understands the values and benefits of keeping a home clean. Having premium quality products for all kinds of home cleaning is the USP of WOOSH.  Its products are well researched and tested.

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Sanitation Solutions from Woosh

Sanitation is an extremely important factor for a healthy and happy lifestyle; special attention is to be given to keeping the house and other places clean. This is not just a theoretical slogan or campaign but the same should be essentially practiced in our daily life routine. Be it a public place or a home this has to be strictly followed and implemented at all levels. A filthy environment is a disease itself and may lead to hazardous results. The only hygienic and clean ecosystem can lead a happy and healthy life.

The main components of a sanitized system are Clean Clothes, Hygienic food, and a clean place. Clean and crisp clothes are the first impression of an individual; it makes a positive feeling about him or her. Wearing shining or spotless clothes instilled a sense of confidence and thus helps refresh and rejuvenates the mood at the same time. A positive frame of mind can work wonders for any individual. Clean clothes help improve personality and are hence an essential component of the life of a human being. Regular washing and cleaning of clothes not only make clothes clean but also extend their life as well. Regular washing kills bacteria and germs hence making them infection-free. After all clothes hygiene is an important aspect of the dignity of an individual.

The other important component of personal hygiene is eating hygienic food, this is an old proverb that “you are what you eat” so hygiene in food plays a key role in your health and personality. The eating environment and place have to be neat, extra attention to be given to the dishes or utensils when washing them. They have to be immaculate and shining when serving food in them. If not washed properly they will become infectious and may cause health concerns. The best possible way to keep the kitchen and tableware clean and tidy is to wash them constantly and efficiently. The kitchen is the backbone of the house and is used repeatedly hence extensive cleaning is an essential requirement to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Floors, tiles, and toilet cleaning is a must to have a clean system, without cleaning floors, toilets, and tiles one can’t imagine a healthy ecosystem. This is applicable to all the places that exist in society. Keeping clean just our individual homes will not help the cause, all the public places have to follow the protocols and rules, this is not just a question of Government but all the stakeholders have to participate equally. Hospitals, Hotels, Railway stations, Public Offices, etc. all are part of the ecosystem and maintaining them should be the duty of every citizen.

GoI is vigorously promoting SWACH BHARAT campaign and even rewarding the people who are taking part in this campaign. Cities are rewarded for being the cleanest city in the country, states. SWACH BHARAT SWASTH BHARAT is the ultimate vision of our Government

Woosh is a washing expert with a one-stop washing solution to all your needs, is a platform to visit and explore a variety of sanitation solutions. Floor, utensils, kitchen, and toilets all cleaning solutions are easily available. Woosh is a brand that offers premium products and never compromises on Quality. Once you use the product you will definitely say from the heart that WOSSH KARE KHOOSH

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