Clothes Washing with Fabric-Friendly Detergent

Why you need fabric-friendly detergent. When you are doing your laundry, you may be tempted to use the same detergents for all of your clothes. However, this is not recommended. You should use fabric-friendly detergent instead. Fabric-friendly detergent is designed to remove dirt and stains from clothing while being gentle on delicate fabrics. Fabric-friendly detergents […]


Gender Equality Begins at Home

Gender equality begins at home. Household chores which are the main aspect of any family should be shared. Similarly, in child care, the basis of family growth should be equal for both parents. When it begins at home it spreads to societies then communities and finally to the global level. Lots of activities are taking […]


Benefits of a Clean Home

The most important benefits of a clean home are a healthy lifestyle.  This directly relates to lowering stress and rejuvenating the mood. A happy mind is the best medicine to treat stress. As it has been commonly said that all the good or bad things start from home so keeping a clean home makes you […]


Sanitation Solutions from Woosh

Sanitation is an extremely important factor for a healthy and happy lifestyle; special attention is to be given to keeping the house and other places clean. This is not just a theoretical slogan or campaign but the same should be essentially practiced in our daily life routine. Be it a public place or a home […]