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Sanitation is an extremely important factor for a healthy and happy lifestyle; special attention is to be given to keeping the house and other places clean. This is not just a theoretical slogan or campaign but the same should be essentially practiced in our daily life routine. Be it a public place or a home this has to be strictly followed and implemented at all levels. A filthy environment is a disease itself and may lead to hazardous results. The only hygienic and clean ecosystem can lead a happy and healthy life.

The main components of a sanitized system are Clean Clothes, Hygienic food, and a clean place. Clean and crisp clothes are the first impression of an individual; it makes a positive feeling about him or her. Wearing shining or spotless clothes instilled a sense of confidence and thus helps refresh and rejuvenates the mood at the same time. A positive frame of mind can work wonders for any individual. Clean clothes help improve personality and are hence an essential component of the life of a human being. Regular washing and cleaning of clothes not only make clothes clean but also extend their life as well. Regular washing kills bacteria and germs hence making them infection-free. After all clothes hygiene is an important aspect of the dignity of an individual.

The other important component of personal hygiene is eating hygienic food, this is an old proverb that “you are what you eat” so hygiene in food plays a key role in your health and personality. The eating environment and place have to be neat, extra attention to be given to the dishes or utensils when washing them. They have to be immaculate and shining when serving food in them. If not washed properly they will become infectious and may cause health concerns. The best possible way to keep the kitchen and tableware clean and tidy is to wash them constantly and efficiently. The kitchen is the backbone of the house and is used repeatedly hence extensive cleaning is an essential requirement to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Floors, tiles, and toilet cleaning is a must to have a clean system, without cleaning floors, toilets, and tiles one can’t imagine a healthy ecosystem. This is applicable to all the places that exist in society. Keeping clean just our individual homes will not help the cause, all the public places have to follow the protocols and rules, this is not just a question of Government but all the stakeholders have to participate equally. Hospitals, Hotels, Railway stations, Public Offices, etc. all are part of the ecosystem and maintaining them should be the duty of every citizen.

GoI is vigorously promoting SWACH BHARAT campaign and even rewarding the people who are taking part in this campaign. Cities are rewarded for being the cleanest city in the country, states. SWACH BHARAT SWASTH BHARAT is the ultimate vision of our Government

Woosh is a washing expert with a one-stop washing solution to all your needs, is a platform to visit and explore a variety of sanitation solutions. Floor, utensils, kitchen, and toilets all cleaning solutions are easily available. Woosh is a brand that offers premium products and never compromises on Quality. Once you use the product you will definitely say from the heart that WOSSH KARE KHOOSH

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