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    • Tough stain removal in machine
    • Bright clean clothes in 1 wash
    • Detergent dissolves completely leaving no residue on your clothes on in the machine
    • Detergent has an advanced technology that gives you handwash like clean in machines itself
    • 1 scoop of Woosh Ultra Detergent Powder = 2 scoops of ordinary handwash detergent
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    What does one search for in a quality liquid fabric wash? Yes, it should easily remove stains from your clothes, make them look clean and fresh. But above all, it should give proper care to your clothes. In other words, it should not damage the fabric or lead to dull colours. And giving optimum care to your clothes is Woosh Easy Soft Liquid Fabric Wash!

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    How often have we faced this predicament? Over time, pollution and grime collect slowly but surely on our windows, obstructing our view and blocking precious sunlight. And the worst part is the thick streaks left behind by improper cleaning. So, what is the solution? Woosh Eclatere Glass Cleaner!

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  • Woosh Fab Wash Fabric Detergent Powder


    Clothes are not just a piece of apparel. Often times, these hold a special meaning for us. Whether it is our favourite t-shirt or a dress that we bought for a particular occasion, all these bring back some very fond memories. Therefore it is natural we would want to take good care of all our clothing. And for this, we all trust Woosh- Fab Wash Fabric Detergent Powder!

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  • Woosh Fab White Detergent Cake


    You are excited to go to a party. You have also picked out the dress that you are going to wear for it. And when you reach there, everyone appreciates your choice in fashion. But just then, then unthinkable happens and you spill some ketchup on your dress. Well, no need to be upset. Woosh- Fab White Detergent Cake to the rescue!

    This bright white detergent cake helps you fight tough stains easily. No matter what is the cause of the stain, whether it is tea, coffee, turmeric, curry, ketchup or chocolate, the detergent cake will help get rid of it easily. It is gentle, both on your hands and your clothes, and makes doing your laundry a piece of cake!

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  • Woosh Flow Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner


    We all want sparkling clean toilets in our homes. It is not just for visual appeal but also necessary for your family’s health. Thoroughly cleaning your toilets and the areas around them helps maintain superior hygiene in your home. Toilet cleaning might seem like a daunting task, however, with the help of Woosh- Flow Toilet Liquid Toilet Cleaneryou get clean toilets in a jiffy!

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  • Woosh Handwash


    We are living in the times of Coronavirus epidemic. Proper protection holds the key for the safety of our loved ones. When we think about safety, the first thing that comes to the mind is keeping our hands safe. We go out and touch outside surfaces, which may or may not be sanitised. Hence, when you come home, washing your hands is a must. And helping keep your hands safe is Woosh Hand Wash Liquid.

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