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How often have we faced this predicament? Over time, pollution and grime collect slowly but surely on our windows, obstructing our view and blocking precious sunlight. And the worst part is the thick streaks left behind by improper cleaning. So, what is the solution? Woosh Eclatere Glass Cleaner!

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Woosh- Eclatere- Glass Cleaner is the perfect glass cleaner for homes and offices. It is a cleaner that ensures three-times more shine for your glass surfaces. It is known for its strong cleansing action that not only removes the dust but makes glass surfaces simply spick and span. It has a fragrant formula that is very pleasing to the senses.


How To Use

Turn the nozzle to spray/stream position and apply the mist over the surface. Wipe with dry cotton cloth to get complete cleaning and “3-times more shine” across surfaces.

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