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Woosh Disinfectant Floor Cleaner


The Woosh disinfectant floor cleaner efficiently eliminates stains, eradicates bacteria, deactivates germs, and ensures your floors are spotless without any sticky residue. Born Good’s floor cleaner, safe for babies, is crafted without harmful chemicals, utilizing potent natural components. It is environmentally friendly and suitable for both children and pets.


Safeguard your home with a powerful boost of hygiene. The Woosh Flow Disinfectant Floor Cleaner not only cleans your home, but also disinfects it. It offers you 99.9% protection against germs and bacteria. It gives you shiny floors in a quick and convenient process.

How To Use

Floor & Bathroom Surfaces: Use one capful in half a bucket of water (4 litres). Gently mop the surface. No need to rinse.

Kitchen Surfaces: Use undiluted. Apply on dirty area, leave for 10 minutes and rinse. Safe on all surfaces, such as Ceramic, Marble Granite, Mosaic etc.

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