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  • Tough stain removal in machine
  • Bright clean clothes in 1 wash
  • Detergent dissolves completely leaving no residue on your clothes on in the machine
  • Detergent has an advanced technology that gives you handwash like clean in machines itself
  • 1 scoop of Woosh Ultra Detergent Powder = 2 scoops of ordinary handwash detergent
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Super wash technology comes with a fresh scent.Super wash technology particles combines the power of stain removing product. Remove many tough stains like chocolates,soup,ketchup.tea,coffee,oil,curry etc.

How to Use:

It is suitable for semi-automatic & top-loading washing machines. For tough stains pre-soaking in
washing powder solution for 30 minutes is recommended.
For bucket wash, use 1/2 handful. Use lukewarm water for better results.
For machine wash, use 1 handful.

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1KG, 1KG+Dishwash 180GM, 4KG+1KG, 2KG With Dishwash, 700GM+70GM, 6KG with Dishwash 500GM, 4KG with Bucket, 4KG with Container


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