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Woosh Cleaning Household Combo Pack Detergent Powder


Get all your dishes spick and span – so clean that your mother-in-law would be proud of you! Everyone deserves bright, shiny clean plates and glasses that are easily obtained without endless scrubbing. Now you can have dishes which will be the envy of you friends and neighbours with Woosh Pure Liquid Dishwash!



This Liquid Dishwash is a boon for your dishes. It cleans all types of utensils in a very gentle manner. Its unique formula contains lime boosters which remove the toughest of greasy stains from utensils with ease and leaves the utensils shining, sparkling.


How To Use

For tough stains, use one drop on scrubber pad and rub on utensils. For regular use put some drops in a bowl of water and use with sponge or scrubber.


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