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Fab Wash Fabric Detergent Powder 80 g * 100 Pc


Clothes are not just a piece of apparel. Often times, these hold a special meaning for us. Whether it is our favourite t-shirt or a dress that we bought for a particular occasion, all these bring back some very fond memories. Therefore it is natural we would want to take good care of all our clothing. And for this, we all trust Woosh- Fab Wash Fabric Detergent Powder!


It is a premium, high quality detergent powder which has an advanced technology. This technology ensures for your handwash-like cleaning in machines itself. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for tough stain removal in washing machine. It dissolves completely in the water, leaving no residue on your clothes on in the machine, thus ensuring your clothes stay like new.

How To Use

For bucket wash, use 1/2 handful for bucket wash. Use lukewarm water for better results. For machine wash, use 1 handful. Wash the stains immediately with water. For tough stains, pre-soaking in washing powder solution for 30 minutes is recommended.


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