Keeping your home clean gives you better health and keeps you stress-free. Though it can feel exhausting, all you have to do it tackle it one room at a time. It’ll be worth it when you wake up to a sparkling clean home.

  • For glass surfaces: Use microfiber cloth or old newspapers for cleaning glass surfaces along with an effective cleaning liquid to clean glass surfaces without leaving behind any streaks.
  • For floors: A daily cleaning with a broom is recommended to clean out dust and dirt. But to get sparkling floors, it is better to use an effective disinfectant floor cleaner. If you have a fragrance preference, use that so that you feel refreshed after your floor cleaning session. Aromatherapy and cleanliness combined!
  • For toilets and bathrooms: Acid and bleach can be harsh on your toilet and bathroom surfaces. Use specialized cleaners for each one, leaving them on the surface for a few minutes, longer for stubborn areas where residue has accumulated. After the cleaner has had time to break down the residue, rinse it off thoroughly for a germ-free surface. It is recommended to use separate cleaners for toilets and bathrooms